Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously and this privacy statement is here to help you understand what we may do with any information you give us about you.

The information in this privacy statement will only apply to “new” clients under the upcoming “new” data protection law 2018 and who’s information we don’t currently hold.
The processing of currently held personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest.
However we still apply an “opt out” policy for all clients who’s information we hold.

This privacy statement relates to our website and the information we hold about you at the salon.
It does not extend to your use of the Internet outside of our website or to any websites that are linked to our website.

The data currently held by the salon was acquired with the purchase of the salon in 2017.
All current client data is stored on Phorest Salon Software and online booking is made via Phorest Salon Software.

You can access our website home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal information unless you choose to use our contact form, send us a direct email, or book online.

This particular information will ONLY be used to contact you via the information you have provided and is not used for any other purpose, marketing or otherwise.

Contact form information is securely stored on the email server provided by
Direct emails to are stored on secure server
Information collected via online booking is set out in the terms and conditions for Phorest Salon Software and complies with current law.

New client information is taken at the time of booking, in the salon, over the phone or online.
Clients will be given the option of which type of information they wish to give to the salon and what information they don’t want to give.(for example, phone number, address etc). This is usually in person at the salon.

If the client chooses to give us their information in the salon, over the phone or in person, they will be asked at the time of booking how they would like that information to be used and if they would like to “opt in” for their data to be used for particular purposes.

By agreeing to give us your contact details and “opting in”, we may use your data to directly contact you in relation to information that benefits you as a client (for example appointment reminders via text or email)

Infomation is also collected for us to make courtesy calls in regards to changing/booking or cancelling appointments
Information can also be used for marketing text messages or email marketing purposes.
If a client chooses to give us their address,then they will occasionally receive offers by post(for example Christmas or birthday cards offering discounts)

If you do give us your personal details in order for us to contact you, we will only use them for the above purposes.

Records of past treatments and information on colouring is also stored.

If a client chooses not to give us particular information, this will not be stored by us or our software.
If a client choose not to “opt in” to any of, or part of our communication to them, then this request will be respected and immediately enforced by the salon, and you will not receive any contact in relation to the particular request.(for example, you may want text message reminders but no emails)

We never give or sell our clients details to third parties. All information that you supply us with is stored on secured servers and can be accessed by staff only.

Information will be stored indefinitely, however all clients have the right to access their data upon request.
Clients also have the “right to be forgotten” and ask our salon to delete all or part of the data we hold about you.