Hair Products

We believe in only using the best products on your hair, and so at Emma Rose Hair Design, we use selected products from L’Oreal Professional, Every Green and Nine Yards.

If you have any questions or need advice on any product, our extremely knowledgeable, experienced stylists will be happy to help you and provide an expert opinion. All the products we use are also available for purchase at the salon.

Price List

All technical services require a deposit.

Ladies Cut & Blow Dry
Salon Director EmmaCreative Director EllieSenior Stylist Jackie
Ladies Cut & Finish£71£60£68
Wet Cut£58£48£52
Gents Cut & Finish£43£38£38
Blow Dry Long Hair£49£41£42
Blow Dry Short Hair£38£33£36
Curly/Bouncy Blow Dry£53£44£45
Hair Up£55N/A£50
Salon Director EmmaCreative Director EllieSenior Stylist Jackie
Balayage Refresh£140£135£115
Balayage Transformation£170£160£165
Full Head Highlights£148£130£120
Half Head Highlights£108£92£87
Bleach & Tone Long£190£190£190
Bleach & Tone Shoulder Length£170£170£170
Bleach & Tone Crop/6 Week Regrowth£150£150£150
Creative Colour Over Bleach (From)£60£55£55
Gents Colour£25£25£25
Creative Colour Over Bleach (From)£72£60£55
Permanent Colour (Below Shoulder)£82£70£72
Gents Permanent Wave (Emma Only)£45
Gents Permanent Wave (Emma Only)£70
Shampoo & Set (Emma Only)£38
Cut Shampoo & Set (Emma Only)£55
Hair Extensions
Up to 50gUp to 100gUp to 150g
Tape Fitting£50£100£100
Tape Repositioning£100£150£165
Nano Bond Filling/Repositioning£150£200£200

We use Beauty Works and Zen hair extensions.